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The largest metal manufacturing cluster in Mexico, only 120 miles south of Texas.


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From light to heavy:


We are experts on sheet metal fabrication. 

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Heavy and large equipment fabrication. 

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Aluminum Die Casting Division
Hot Dip Galvanization

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Some of the products that we make:

Used cooking oil containers / gresase bins

Stackable racks and crates

Sheet metal cabinets, enclosures, boxes

Server room data center cooling equipment chillers

Chassis and brackets


Covers and lids

Large steel structures

Containers for waste management

Shipping Containers

Industrial racks

Racks and structures for solar panels

Structures and enclosures for solar energy industry

Retail fixtures

Ranch and farm equipment

Energy storage systems containers, cabinets

Site furnishings and outdoor furniture


If it's made of steel,

we can make it.


Does your company need a self owned manufactuging facility or a joint venture near the US?

We can help you set up your nearshore operation. 


Metal Fabrication Suppliers in Mexico

Metal Fabrication Group of Northeast Mexico